Namibia Online Degrees

In Namibia online degrees are accredited and recognised from the following international online university:

Imperium University

namibia online degreesImperium University is accredited in both Namibia and the UK and Canadian accreditation is pending (2018). Please contact the university directly for more information about their accreditation.

Imperium University aims to serve the needs of part-time, working students – to provide them not only with a degree with international accreditation, but also to provide excellent support online, which is so lacking at many other institutions. Their degree courses are well-priced in Rands.

The university offers a wide range of online degrees in three main faculties:

1. Arts and Humanities
2. Economics, Business and Management
3. Education

Accounting (BCom)

Actuarial Sciences (BCom)

Auditing – Assurance (BCom)

Business Management (BCom)

Business System Analyst (Bcom)

Editing (BA)

Educational Studies (BEd)

Electronic Commerce (BCom)

Entrepreneurship (BCom)

Finance (BCom)

Human Resources (BCom)

Industrial Psychology (BCom)

Insurance and Risk Managament (BCom)

Invigilation Course