About Online University Degrees

This is a family-run undertaking to help you access world class online university degrees and courses to further your education.

Shirley Erwee - About Online University DegreesShirley Erwee is a homeschooling mother of 6 and director of Online GED Prep® South Africa. For many home educating families, online learning is an essential tool to help them further their education.
This is also a solution for adults who are working or raising a family.

Shirley found that after students study online to earn their grade 12 equivalency credential, an online university degree course would be a logical next step for many.

In South Africa, university campuses are plagued with protests, violence, murders, rape and other social vices, which can potentially hijack a person’s education and so online university degrees is a much safer and also a more affordable alternative.

Shirley is also a home education activist, consultant, curriculum provider, author and regular speaker at home education events in South Africa and in the media.

Lucille Erwee - About Online University DegreesLucille Erwee was home educated all the way and completed her high school level education in 2015 when she wrote the GED®.
She is a part-time online consultant at Online GED® South Africa.
She started an online homeschool supply business in 2013, which her brother and then her younger sister took over and then sold to another family.

Since 2017 she has been working and travelling in Europe, learning French and Dutch and researching online university degree options and universities in Europe.